Conferência CQE | Programa de Doutoramento em Química
Sustainability in view of drug delivery
Profª Drª Ana Aguiar Ricardo | LAQV-REQUIMTE | Departamento de Química | Universidade Nova de Lisboa

All member countries of the United Nations committed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for promoting inclusive well-being in the world. The need for sustainable approaches is invading all fields and steps of manufacturing. From the choice of a green solvent and natural materials to the use of safe chemical reactions and processes, many efforts are described in literature.  This lecture will address specific challenges on the bottom-up assembling of complex composite formulations. Special attention is given to the integration of supercritical fluid assisted spray drying with other technologies for the generation of precision formulations for the delivery of small molecule therapeutics to biologic drugs and nucleic acids.


Organização: Centro de Química de Évora | Programa de Doutoramento em Química
De 24.05.2019 a 24.05.2019
17:00 | Sala 138 (CLAV)