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Functional Ionic Systems for Sustainable Applications
Doutor Luís C. Branco | LAQV-REQUIMTE | Departamento de Química | Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Innovative Organic salts based on Ionic Liquids and Deep Eutectic Solvents have been largely explored in last years. The diversity of organic salts and their potential applications can open excellent perspectives to future applications in academic and industrial fields.

We are interested in the development of functional Ionic Systems for application in Sustainable Catalysis, Material Science and Pharmaceutical fields.

Herein, sustainable approaches of different ionic systems will be described

1) Bioinspired Organic Salts & Ionic Liquids based on aminoacids (e.g. cysteine and proline); carbohydrates and bile acids for application in Asymmetric Catalysis;

2) Carbon Dioxide Capture Processes and further catalytic conversion to fuels using metal nanoparticles and ILs systems;

3) Task-Specific ILs for application as suitable lubricant oils for micro and nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS);

4) Electrochromic Ionic Liquids & DES based on organic and metal systems for application in smart devices;

5) Magnetic and Luminescent salts based on metals and lanthanides for possible medical applications;

6) Active Pharmaceutical Salts & ILs (APIs-IL) based on antibiotics, anti-viral and bisphosphonate drugs and their physical-chemical and biological characterization.   The combination of APIs as anions or cations with appropriate organic counter ions can be an innovative solution to improve their water solubility, permeability and corresponding bioavailability and biological activity.


Organização: Centro de Química de Évora | Programa de Doutoramento em Química
De 29.05.2019 a 29.05.2019
15:00 | Anf. 4 (CLAV)